Business Appraisals and the IRS

October 2013 Hardcover (271 pages)

Michael Gregory

Birch Grove Publishing

Business Appraisals and the IRS, authored by expert Michael Gregory, is specifically written for business appraisers, expert witnesses, and those who work with or for the IRS. This must-have publication aids the reader in understanding IRS classification and the review process with dozens of practical tips and a 54-page chapter on valuing interests in S-Corps. Specific technical areas covered in this publication include S-Corp tax affecting, DLOM, reasonable compensation, 409A, penalties on appraisers, common errors the IRS looks for and how to avoid them, and many more. With insights from scores of business appraisal reviews and editing by five tax professional colleagues, including Nancy Fannon, Roger Grabowski, Chris Mercer, Ray Rath and Chris Treharne, you'll definitely want to add this book to your business valuation library.

Highlights include:

  • A comprehensive guide on how the IRS approaches business valuation reviews with practical advice for business appraisers
  • A 54-page chapter on valuing interests in S-Corps
  • Scores of practical tips and common errors to avoid
  • Potential growth areas for business valuation appraisers
  • And much more!
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Table of Contents

  • Overview of Chapter Contents

  • Classification in General and in Estate and Gift Tax in Particular

  • Writing a Business Valuation Report for IRS Tax Purposes

  • Potential Penalties on Appraisers

  • Considerations in Valuing Interests in Subchapter S Corporations

  • Reasonable Compensation in Corporations

  • Code Section 409A and Valuators

  • Discounts for Lack of Marketability

  • Most Common Errors in Valuations

  • Potential Growth Areas for Business Valuation Appraisers

  • How to Work with the IRS to Resolve Differences in Valuation

  • Key Take-Away Items for Business Valuation Appraisers