Three ongoing European studies seeking to inform public policy on commercialization of innovation are wrestling with the IP valuation question

Within the Europe Commission, there is ongoing government debate about the role that IP plays and the different approaches used to place a value on that IP.

As reported in IP Finance, Jackie Maguire of Coller IP wrote, “there are now three parallel studies ongoing that are seeking to inform policy surrounding these issues: one, funded by Scottish Enterprise, one commissioned by the UKIPO, and another funded by the European Commission.  Each seeks to understand how IP is valued and could be used to secure the investment often required in the early stages of growth.”

Jackie and others have been appointed as IP valuation experts for the European Commission. “The work of this Expert Group will help implement the Innovation Union by looking at the very specific issue of the valuation of IP, the various purposes for which it is required and how new tools and mechanisms might open up the trading of IP assets.

“IP valuation mechanisms in the context of litigation, accounting and financial transactions are being currently researched and best practice examples are being compiled to show what can be achieved at a national and European level.  This includes how IP is valued with respect to awarding damages and how financial institutions are lending against IP assets.  The group will report at the end of the year and aims to recommend measures which will be implemented at a European level to unlock IP value.”