WTO sides with Antigua in offshore gambling dispute, with ramifications for all content providers

Dennis Crouch in PatentlyO has alerted us to a problem that content developers/licensors may wish to act upon. For some time the U.S. has campaigned against Antigua’s nurturing of their significant offshore gaming industry.

Antigua sought relief from the World Trade Organization (WTO), and won. The sanction against the U.S.? “…suspension of all American-owned intellectual property rights within the Antigua borders.”

Although the government of Antigua has yet to announce any plans, Crouch warns of what could happen. Kim Dotcom and clones of Megaupload may find a new home in the Caribbean, as the new WTO sanction creates a “ hot site for unlicensed but legal copyright streaming.” Couch recommends, at the least, content licensors and others consider protecting their trademarks by procuring new .AG domains.