The value of a copyrighted asset may depend upon the likelihood of infringement

Plagiarism Today has listed seven factors that affect copyright infringement.

1. The Medium. For example, text attracts more illegal copying.

2. Popularity.

3. Target Audience. It appears some demographics have worse tendencies than others.

4. Cost.

5. Ease of Access. If it is already easily obtainable, there will be little reason infringe.

6. Licensing. Though it is up for debate, the article takes the position a clear path to legal licensing reduces infringement. To see how copyright assets are licensed and get a feel for royalty rates, readers should review Royalty Rates in Copyright Agreements: A BVR Guide to Full-Text Licensing Agreements.

7. Copyright Enforcement. Just as with any IP, the ability and willingness to prosecute adds to the value.

Analysts and copyright asset holders can run down this checklist and get a good feel the likelihood of infringement affecting the asset’s value over the long term.