IpVenture Inc. Obtains Sony License

In December we briefly outlined the Intellectual Ventures IP monetization strategy to develop, acquire, defend and license IP, at the time owning some 30,000 intellectual properties. WiLAN is more targeted, but essentially follows the same game plan. There are many such firms, cultivating IP crops, and they are useful to analysts because their deals not only highlight IP value, but they give a sense of what is possible.

Over the weekend, we learned that IpVenture Inc., a similar IP shop, announced the settlement of litigation with Sony (Panasonic had already come to terms) regarding the “Thomas Power and Thermal Management Patent Portfolio.”

Here is a snapshot of a successful execution of their strategy (build or acquire IP; prosecute the IP with the goal of settling for a license; license the IP):

“IpVenture and Sony agreed to settle the lawsuit and the lawsuit has since been dismissed. As part of the settlement, Sony has taken a [non-exclusive] license to the Thomas Power and Thermal Management Patent Portfolio.”