Value Analytics—Financial Statement and Equity Data at Your Fingertips

Finding public comps for valuation purposes can be a challenge, requiring either a fair amount of digging or a considerable expense (and sometimes both). However, finding these data doesn't always have to be a struggle, thanks to Value Analytics. Let's take a closer look at how this platform makes things a little easier. 

The core of the Value Analytics platform is its ever-expanding library of templates designed to help you tackle a plethora of analysis and reporting needs. With these templates, you can work through a range of problems with the click of your mouse. Lets take a look at the current slate of available templates: 

  • Beta template—quickly and easily calculate beta (β) of any publicly traded company.
  • EV calculation—calculate enterprise value (EV) of multiple publicly traded companies at once.
  • Financial statement template—obtain the financial statements of your selected publicly traded company for quick and easy analysis.
  • Option pricing—allows you to derive volatility figures from public companies to use in Black-Scholes. Can also be used to estimate volatility for a private target.
  • Valuation template—select a set of up to 20 comps to use in your guideline public company method. Quickly obtain the valuation multiples, financial information, performance metrics, and company descriptions of your selected set in order to apply the method.

No set of valuation calculation templates would be complete without quality data to back it all up. Value Analytics values the integrity of the data being used in its product and sources its information directly from SEC filings, so you can rest assured knowing that your calculations are backed by ironclad data.

With the Value Analytics Excel add-in, you have a powerful tool at your fingertips, and all it takes is a few clicks to add it to your Excel spreadsheet. Want to see all these templates in action? Schedule a quick demo to see just how effective this tool can be be! Learn more about Value Analytics >>