A Sneak Peek at the 2022 AAML/BVR Divorce Conference—Part 2

As the 2022 AAML/BVR National Divorce Conference gets closer and our speakers rev up to present their amazing slate of topics, we thought we’d share a few more of the upcoming topics of discussion to whet your appetite for the can’t-miss event.

From the Eyes of the Judges
Sunday, September 18

In a question-and-answer format, Justice Scheinkman, Judge Bensinger, and Judge Hoskin will provide guidance to attorneys and experts regarding expert testimony, including:

  • Supporting expert opinions;
  • Excluding expert testimony;
  • Analysis of competing expert opinions;
  • What is effective and persuasive testimony and cross-examination; and
  • Pitfalls—evidence of illegal activities including illegal financial activities (e.g., “perk” or fraud?), spoliation of evidence, etc.

Neutral Expert Assignments: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Monday, September 19

Neutral expert assignments can present great opportunities, but attorneys and forensics must also be wary of potential pitfalls. Is a stipulation for a joint engagement enough or do you need a court order? How do you keep apprised of deadlines as the expert? Will the client save money? If so, will it be worth it? How is the neutral chosen and how does that impact whether there should be one? Answers and more are presented in this in-depth presentation designed to help attorneys strategically assess whether they will recommend a neutral expert and give experts the tools to decide whether neutral assignments are worth the risks.

Cannabis in Family Law: Buckle Up, This Is About to Get Interesting!
Tuesday, September 20

This session will explore recent trends in the cannabis sector with an emphasis on valuing state legal, regulated cannabis businesses and related intellectual property that may be part of a marital estate. The session will also touch on other issues involving the use of marijuana when it can have an impact on a dissolution proceeding. The value of businesses in established markets such as Colorado, Oregon, and Washington is different than the value of businesses in newly legal states or those anticipated to become legal in the near future, such as New Mexico, New Jersey, or Florida. When multistate operators pay premiums to get into states, does it represent fair market value or strategic value? This session will address these topics along with valuing emerging brands, challenges of activity in the illicit cannabis market, the impact and treatment of IRC 280E in an appraisal context, and where to find industry data and resources.

Don’t miss out on the chance to get the latest cutting-edge insights from thought leaders in the matrimonial law field! Join us September 18 through 20 at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, and don’t forget to check out the full agenda here.

We’ll see you in Vegas!