New DLOM Calculator unveiled

If you are a subscriber to Business Valuation Update, you can take advantage of a free trial offer to test out a new DLOM Calculator designed by Marc Vianello (Vianello Forensic Consulting). The July issue of BVU contains an article by Vianello,“How Probability Affects Discounts for Lack of Marketability.” This article presents a methodology for determining DLOM that combines probability-based time and price volatility variables in conjunction with the formula put forward by Francis Longstaff, Ph.D. The new DLOM Calculator embodies this methodology.

Free trial: The article contains a promotional code that allows for free access to the DLOM Calculator. The code was originally good through July, but it is now extended through August. And, once you activate the code, it will give you 30 days of free access. You must be a BVU subscriber to receive this free trial offer. If you are not a BVU subscriber, you can subscribe by clicking here.