2013 Duff & Phelps Risk Premium Report & Calculator - Better than ever!

Designed by Roger Grabowski and James Harrington, the Duff & Phelps Risk Premium Calculator is a web-based model into which users can enter 1-18 inputs and receive a deliverable that can be easily placed into a business valuation report. This valuable tool delivers a fully customizable "Executive Summary" that includes sourcing, key inputs, and a range of COE estimates, and considers industry-specific risk should a user choose to account for it.

The Calculator lets analysts switch valuation dates easily, and it can confirm that your internal cost of capital calculations match up with the D&P methodologies.

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Ground-breaking features of the Calculator include:

  • All inclusive resource - a Calculator subscription now includes:
    • 2013 D&P Risk Premium Report
    • access to data from 1995-current year
    • all historical D&P Risk Premium Reports
    • quarterly updates via emailed newsletter with tips and timely news
  • Exportable Excel workbook with detailed record of all inputs, outputs, and calculations
  • Built-in risk free rate lookup – no need to retrieve the rate yourself, the Calculator finds it for you based on your valuation date
  • Equity risk premium adjustment – the Calculator makes this adjustment - a crucial step often overlooked by valuation analysts
  • Automatic output-COE for your subject company is calculated using up to five different methods, and it delivers a fully customizable “Executive Summary” that includes sourcing, key inputs, and a range of COE estimates