2013 Business Reference Guide arrived in-house today!

The updated annual edition of the Business Reference Guide is now in-house.   You've used it for guideline industry data for years--so update now, either print-only or including all the support materials of the on-line edition.

Benchmarks, rules of thumb and tips for pricing businesses – all at your fingertips! The Business Reference Guide (BRG), published by the Business Brokerage Press, remains the essential guide to benchmarking and pricing businesses and franchises. Now in its 23rd year, the BRG provides pricing tips, rules of thumb, and benchmark data on 700+ types of businesses. It is a must-have for business brokers, intermediaries, business appraisers, accountants, attorneys and anyone involved with privately owned businesses.

Most pricing entries contain:

  • Rules of thumb based on both sales and earnings (SDE)
  • Pricing tips from industry experts (includes expert’s contact info)
  • Benchmark information that provides comparison data
  • Industry resources such as associations and publications with websites
  • General information providing industry data, surveys, and comments
  • Fascinating facts about many different businesses and industries

Now Order book for $145.00 + S&H

Order book & online access: $305.00

Now available online, users enjoy all the data they depend on in the book with additional benefits:
  • Keyword searches that instantly deliver the most relevant matches
  • Continual updates throughout the year
  • Easily copy and paste data and business summaries into other documents
  • Pricing data and tips, rules of thumb and industry resources online wherever you have an Internet connection