The new Pratt’s Stats Analyzer means "royal treatment" for the market approach

For 15 years, the Pratt's Stats Deal Database has been the de facto source for the most complete and reliable financial details on acquired private companies.  Now with the additional functionality of the Analyzer, Pratt’s Stats will save you even more time – and will bolster your confidence in your subject company research like never before.

Pull your comps and then put the Analyzer into action.  Within seconds you get a multi-tab Excel workbook and you can:

  • View scatter plots to quickly identify and remove outliers
  • Remove a transaction by simply deselecting the row
  • Easily search all comps like you would any Excel spreadsheet
  • Quickly compute valuable statistics and ratios
  • Calculate and apply various regression formulas and valuation multiples to your subject company
  • Export Analyzer workbook directly into your custom template
BVR thanks lead analysts Adam Manson and Doug Twitchell for their work to make the leading appraisal database even more powerful.   BVR has also hired additional analyst support for Pratt's Stats to make sure that the deal flow and private company financial information remains second to none.