BizMiner updated to include 2Q '11

BVR's recommended source of industry data, including state-by-state data and market share analyses, is BizMiner.   We continue to feel it offers the greatest range of sources, eliminating most of the biases inherent in other industry databases.

Plus, BizMiner has been able to get their quarterly updates done reasonably quickly, given the volume of data required.   In fact, Jon Brandow announced that 2nd quarter 2011 final figures were posted yesterday--prior to year end.   Users have access to preceding 12-month comparisons for the FYE June 2011 now.

There have also been some name changes to some BizMiner reports, as follows:

  • Industry Financial Profiles are now Industry Financial Reports
  • Micro Firm Profit-Loss Profiles are now Micro Firm Profit-Loss Reports
  • US Industry Market Research Reports are now US Industry Market Reports
  • Local Market Research Reports are now State-Metro Industry Market Reports