Live NACVA Report: Calculations vs conclusions: when and where

There are more questions about standards in this area than anywhere else. Here are answers directly from the leaders of the new NACVA/IBA standards unification effort:

“We do less than 10% of our work in calculations. For IRS you can meet the adequate disclosure requirements so that the gift tax work can be filed and the clock can start to run, and that’s how our engagements are designed,” said Mark Hansen.

Nancy Fannon says she almost never done calculation reports, because they do litigation. “You have to understand that divorce is also litigation work, even if the marital assets are small.”

Mark Kucik does some calculation reports. “It’s likely that an attorney will call asking if they should settle or not, and asking for advice. I have a conversation with them in their conference room, and they can tell me then whether they’re going to step up to a valuation report. Same situation in M&A based on hurdle rates.”