Pratt's Stats nears a total of 20,000 deals

Pratt's Stats, including Public Stats, will cross a major milestone later this year--20,000 deals.   As always, each transaction:

  • is peer reviewed (thousands of analysts use these transactions each month)
  • has a link to the source SEC documents if a public filing was completed
  • has complete financial statement information (as compared to DoneDeals, for instance)
  • includes all footnotes and explanatory notes
  • includes information on employment contracts and non-competes, and
  • gives users access to analysis using all of the major (and not so major) financial ratios
Pratt's Stats covers transactions where the target company was private; Public Stats provides the same financial and valuation metrics for deals where the target company was public (including over 800 transactions where the public company was not based in North America).