New articles announced from Journal of Business Valuation and Economic Loss Analysis

Berkeley Electronic Press is pleased to announce the following articles recently published in Journal of Business Valuation and Economic Loss Analysis.

Risk-Adjusted Damages Calculation in Breach of Contract Disputes: A Case Study

Frank C. Graves, Bin Zhou, Melvin Brosterman, and Quinlan Murphy

The Discount for Lack of Marketability in Privately Owned Companies: A Multiples Approach

John K. Paglia and Maretno Harjoto

The Effect of Taxes on the Value of Start-Ups

Ralph Villiger

Fundamentals of Functional Business Valuation

Manfred Jürgen Matschke, Gerrit Brösel, and Xenia Matschke

On the Forecasting of Net Property, Plant and Equipment and Depreciation in Firm Valuation by the Discounted Cash Flow Model

L. Peter Jennergren