Sept. BVU now posted: fractional interests, convertible preferred stock transactions, and much more from industry-leading publication

The most recent BVUpdate (Sept. 2010), now available on BVLibrary, contains 8 timely articles of interest to business appraisers:

  • Using Convertible Preferred Stock Transactions to Calculate DLOM: Brian Pearson (Valuation Advisors LLC)
  • To Calculate or Not to Calculate: Revisiting the AICPA’s SSVS-1: Nathan DiNatale (SC&H Group LLC)
  • Valuing Fractional Interests in a Vacation Home: A Conversation With Eric Nath
  • Should Withheld Indemnifications Affect Licensing Valuations? David Wanetick (IncreMental Advantage LLC)
  • Book Review: Buy-Sell Agreements for Closely Held and Family Business Owners—How to Know Your Agreement Will Work Without Triggering It: Dan Golish (Skoda Minotti)
  • ETFs, DLOMs, and FLPs: Minimum Marketability Discounts: Ronald Seaman (Southland Business Group)
  • ESOP Valuation— Smoothing versus Volatility: Robert Buchanan (PCE Companies, Inc.
  • Special Legal Report: Daubert Challenges Ten Years After Kumho Tire: Sherrye Henry, Esq, (BVU Legal Editor)