Free BVResources to help with Year-End CPE

As the calendar year winds down BVR’s teleconference series continues apace with two outstanding teleconferences in December, each featuring a free download for your reference.

First, BVR’s Teleconference Series on Healthcare Valuation will conclude with its third installment on Thursday, December 3. Featuring three contributors to BVR’s Guide to Healthcare Valuation – Don Barbo on hospital valuations, Jim Lloyd on joint ventures, and Greg Anderson on co-management agreements – this final installment will cover some of the more complex issues in today’s healthcare economy. As a free resources, BVR interested attendees can download Mark Dietrich’s “Report on the Healthcare Economy”, an excerpt from his forthcoming update to the Guide, for free at the webpage for this event.

On December 16, BVR’s teleconference series concludes 2009 with a groundbreaking presentation by Nancy Fannon on “The Effect of Taxes on Value in Private Capital Markets’. As Fannon points out, "the area of pass-through entity valuation and the effect of taxes on value has been a topic that has confounded valuation analysts for about nine or ten years now." Indeed, it has been a problem without a solution in sight until now – through groundbreaking research, Nancy has compiled a new collection of studies that address this previously unresolved area of valuation, which she’ll present in this can’t-miss teleconference. Click here to download the introduction to Fannon’s forthcoming Guide on this subject for free.

Both of these 100-minmute presentations begin at 10:00am PT/1:00pm ET, and are elligble for 2 CPE credits. To find out more about BVR’s teleconferences, click here.