A Feast of Divorce Content

At BVR’s Summit on BV in Divorce last month over seventeen hours of material were presented by some of the best and most-experienced minds in the valuation of businesses for marital dissolution. From goodwill and active/passive appreciation to new case law and judges and lawyers expectations of financial experts, the Summit was a feast of BV knowledge, and on October 16 BVR is offering another opportunity to get your hands on some of the incredible material presented at the Summit.

In “Highlights from BVR’s 2nd Annual Summit on BV in Divorce”, a 100-minute teleconference, BVR will replay highlights of three sessions from the 2009 Summit:

  • Active v. Passive, featuring Chris Mercer, Ashok Abbott, and Mark Sobel
  • Projections, Post-Judgment Events, and the Post-Bernie Madoff World, featuring Bill Morrison, Sharyn Maggio, and Judge Jacqueline Silbermann
  • Current Developments in Standards of Value - Thornhill and Other War Stories, featuring Ron Seigneur

Immediately following these highlights, conference chairs Jay Fishman, Sharyn Maggio, and Bill Morrison will join us for live Q&A.; Attendees will be given access to all presentation materials to the Summit – everything from presentation slides to case studies and court exhibits.
To register or find our more about this 2 CPE event, starting at 10:00 am PT/1:00 pm ET on Friday, October 16, click here.