New study shows business litigation about to swell

Another source forecasts the much-predicted spike in securities and corporate litigation around business valuation. The latest results from Fulbright & Jaworski LLP's sixth annual Litigation Trends Survey have arrived—and 42% of corporate counsel polled say they expect litigation to swell in the coming year. This represents a significant leap over last year’s survey, when only a third (34%) of in-house attorneys predicted an increase. Moreover, the majority of U.S. respondents (83%) reported that they’ve already fielded new litigation during the past year, up from 79% last year.

The main dispute-driver is the economic downturn, of course, which has spawned big increases in bankruptcy, contract, and labor disputes. Only the healthcare industry appears relatively unscathed, with only 6% of healthcare respondents reporting a rise in bankruptcy and reorganization litigation. Corporate budgets will track the areas of concern: 18% of respondents plan to increase funds for labor/employment litigation; 15% will spend more on bankruptcy; and 14% will lay out more for contract disputes. Meanwhile, 11% will spend more for regulatory and investigations work, and 16% will spend on e-discovery. For the complete survey, click here.