Valuing Marijuana Dispensaries

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October 24, 2013
Jim Marty, CPA/ABV MS
Ronald L. Seigneur, MBA, CPA/ABV, ASA, CVA, CGMA


The 2012 legalization of cannabis in Colorado and Washington has provided opportunities, challenges, and obstacles to the financial and legal professionals who support the sellers and dispensaries of the substance. For instance, how can an appraiser assign value in a newly legalized marketplace? Can previously black-market transactions be comparable, let alone admissible? How should the risks associated with a locally legal, but federally illegal product be quantified? And what risks, if any, do financial professionals face for working with a company whose product is deemed contraband by the federal government? In Valuing Marijuana Dispensaries, two Colorado-based financial experts, Jim Marty and Ronald Seigneur, join BVR to address the apparent and hidden dangers of valuing sellers and dispensaries of medicinal and newly legalized cannabis. Don't miss the rare opportunity to see how appraisers should handle a once-clandestine marketplace that is both newly legalized and legally challenging.
Valuing Marijuana Dispensaries
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