Valuing Closely Held Farms and Ranches With Economic Reality

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March 21, 2019
Ericka Heiser, MBA, CVA
industry analysis


Valuing a minority interest in an entity with farm/ranch ownership and/or operations can be tricky. As analysts, we are bound to valuation theory, but economic reality must play a role as well. As valuation professionals know, an owner of a minority interest cannot force liquidation of assets, so that precludes us from strictly employing the asset approach. However, cash flows from farms and ranches are very low in relation to the underlying ground; as such, the value determined by employing the income approach is significantly lower than what a hypothetical buyer of such minority interest would likely pay. Therefore, we have a conundrum. The answer to such conundrum is the weighted approach! Join Ericka Heiser for this must-attend webinar to discover how this approach incorporates both valuation theory and economic reality.
Valuing Closely Held Farms and Ranches with Economic Reality
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