Restaurant Valuation: Industry Segments, Trends, and the Impact of Real Property

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June 22, 2017
Franz H. Ross, CBA, CVA, MBA, MRICS
industry analysis


Restaurants are one of the most prevalent business types in the U.S., with recent counts at over 600,000 of various types. Due to intensive competition, there is a high failure rate. There is also substantial activity in the sale of restaurants, which creates a need for business valuation work, whether for SBA financing or for a buyer or seller. Business appraisers are challenged to account for industry risk in assigning an appropriate discount rate. Franz Ross will focus on data available from Pratt’s Stats and from other sources to extract appropriate discount rates, revenue multipliers, and gross profit multipliers, owner salaries, and revenues per square foot. Make a reservation, sit yourself down, and enjoy this five-star program.
Restaurant Valuation: Industry Segments, Trends and the Impact of Real Property
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