Report Writing: Do's and Don'ts

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October 7, 2016
Stuart Weiss, CPA/ABV


The main problems that CPAs have in writing client letters is: (a) they don’t seem to know the reading level of the audience; (b) they can’t explain complicated topics to regular people; and (3) they have picked up bad writing habits from reading too many FASB pronouncements or IRS memos. Some of these same difficulties inhabit the BV profession. Presenter Stuart Weiss will offer writing tips to the BV audience as he critiques valuation reports during the session. Other “reporting writing” seminars tell you what to plug into your report. This one will bring out the latent “English major” in you and focus on actual writing skills. Before becoming a BV practitioner in 2002, Weiss wrote annual reports for public companies and shareholder letters for investment firms. Prior to that time, he was an editor at Businessweek, covering taxes and Wall Street. He has also given writing seminars to CPA firms that get tongue-tied when writing complicated letters to clients.
Report Writing: Do's and Don'ts
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