Mastering the Art of Normalization Adjustments

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January 20, 2010
James D. Ewart, CPA/ABV/CFF, CVA


Whether for GAAP compliance, industry accounting principles, or to find an easier comparison between statements, compensations, or other accounting areas, normalization adjustments are a necessary and ubiquitous step in the valuation process. But, with all accounting practices and comparative valuation techniques, mastering the art of normalization adjustments is difficult as standards, practices, and applications continue to evolve and current events alter the setting for valuation assignments. On January 20, valuation expert James Ewart will lead you through the classic and emerging challenges of normalization adjustments. From knowing when to make normalization adjustments to knowing how to do so, Ewart will show how these imperative processes can mean the difference between defensible and indefensible conclusions of value.
Mastering the Art of Normalization Adjustments
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