Lost Profits Calculations: Methods and Procedures

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October 8, 2010
Robert P. Gray, CPA/ABV, CFE
James O'Brien, CPA, CFF


In the first installment of BVR's Webinar Series on Damages Essentials, experts Robert Gray and James O'Brien will show the methods and procedures by which lost profits calculations are made. Though built on the same foundations and techniques as most appraisal work, the task of building an unimpeachable lost profits calculation is based upon the rules of the courts in matters of both evidence and technique. The difference between success and failure in this arena can just as easily be the expert's familiarity with these rules and procedures as with the skill of the attorneys. Through their presentation, Gray and O'Brien will cover everything you need to know when engaging in a lost profits case: from calculations methods and related supporting—and admissible—evidence to the business engagements involved in lost profits work. Never before has there been a better time to familiarize yourself with this challenging, abundant, and potentially lucrative area of valuation.
Lost Profits Calculations: Methods & Procedures
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