Hospitality Valuation: Check in Time

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November 21, 2016
Scott Brush
Art Marshall, ASA, CBA, IBA, CVA


Do you suffer from guideline-public-data-phobia? Symptoms include comparable company size anxiety and difficulty with adjustments and cost avoidance. You’re not alone. Many appraisers suffer from guideline-public-data-phobia and avoid using public data in their private-company valuation assignments. Perhaps it’s time for you to have a talk with an expert. Join Linda Trugman and Rob Schlegel for an update on this fundamental skill. Hear advice for factoring in public market evidence through economic and industry data to support analysis of betas and selection of guideline companies and specific company risk premiums. Be part of the discussion on the various sources for GPC data, and see examples of how to adjust for size and growth differences. Take the first step in curing your guideline-public-data-phobia, and be on your way to a stronger, more robust value conclusion.
Hospitality Valuation: Check In Time
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