Excel: Tips and Tricks for BV Professionals

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July 19, 2023
James Herr, CFA, ASA
valuation methods & approaches


Participants will learn tools for working in Microsoft Excel specifically designed to improve overall efficiency when building and working with valuation models. Techniques and tips will be based on the presenter’s more than 20 years of experience with building models and working with Excel for valuations both domestically and internationally. Insights will help reduce the use of the mouse and improve the use of the keyboard when modeling. Participants will learn how to custom format cells and best practice techniques in building formulas for calculating cash flows and data lookups. The course will also cover simple formula review tools to make understanding complex formulas easier. A brief introduction to using VBA will be included as well as looking at the newly introduced Microsoft 365 functionality. Participants will spend time doing hands-on simple exercises in Excel to improve the retention of learned skills. While basic and intermediate Excel users should get the most out of the class, the course was designed to provide insights that even advanced users of Excel will find useful when working with valuation models.
Excel - Tips and Tricks for BV Professionals
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