Courtroom Confidential: Solutions to Real-World Valuation Problems

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May 10, 2017
Pasquale Rafanelli, CPA/ABV, ASA, CVA, CBA, CFE, MAFF
Jennifer Rosenkrantz
case law & expert testimony


In theory, valuation experts and attorneys share distinguished professions where documented case law and peer-reviewed methodology come together in perfect harmony. In reality, things get messy—particularly in divorce cases. Join matrimonial attorney Jennifer Rosenkrantz and valuation expert Pat Rafanelli for a discussion of several real-life scenarios regarding valuation issues in divorce cases and how those issues would be considered by attorneys and forensic experts. Hear fact patterns, and get complete insight from both an attorney and a forensic accountant about what you should be considering. Get real with practical approaches to thorny issues from two front-line experts.
Courtroom Confidential: Solutions to Real World Valuation Problems
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