Challenges in Valuing Real Property: What to Do When a Business Owns Real Estate

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July 19, 2012
Alina Niculita, ASA, CFA, MBA
Franz H. Ross, CBA, CVA, MBA, MRICS


A classic appraisal conundrum pits an appraiser against a real estate-owning business. For the business appraiser, the ways out of this impasse are tricky, at best, raising questions about legality, credentials and qualifications, engagement letters, and defensibility. In this exclusive BVR webinar, valuation experts Franz Ross and Alina Niculita discuss what every business appraiser should know when presented with an assignment to value a business that owns real estate. From knowing when to go it alone and when to call in a real estate appraiser to knowing how best to handle either situation and work most effectively within your—or your clients'—means, Ross and Niculita will present practical, theoretical, and time-tested solutions to the many challenges this all-too-often problem poses.
Challenges in Valuing Real Property: What To Do When a Business Owns Real Estate
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