Advanced Rebuttals Using Financial Forensic Techniques

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June 7, 2016
Darrell Dorrell, CPA/ABV, MBA, ASA, CVA, CMA, DABFA


Join Darrell Dorrell for a dive into two key rebuttal components: critically analyzing your opposition and writing up your position. This session delivers a parallel method that simultaneously achieves both objectives while helping you focus your rebuttal and save you time. Learn the framework that incorporates the five financial data sets you need to be looking at and how to use that framework in tandem with the report card method for rapid and objective assessment of an opponent’s valuation work. This method is perfect in high-profile/short-duration engagements and systematically, yet simply, assesses and illustrates the most vulnerable elements of your opponents report to focus your rebuttal on. Actual cases and contemporary events will be compared against the forensic financial analysis and the report card method will be covered to illustrate the results, so you can see firsthand how this can benefit your practice.
Advanced Rebuttals Using Financial Forensic Techniques
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