2.0: The New Breakthrough in Fractional Interest Valuation

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September 15, 2021
Dennis A. Webb, ASA, MAI, FRICS
valuation methods & approaches
real estate, valuation methods, fractional interest, real property


We have all been using 1.0 technology, which was designed for BV and adapted for real estate entities. Although 1.0 has evolved quite a bit in the past 25 years, its methods have remained largely disconnected from the real estate asset, a problem that has greatly reduced our credibility. Join Dennis Webb to learn about the upgrade that will allow you to address the facts of your case in a complete way and also take care of circumstances that have been almost impossible. If you have been valuing fractional interests, you are familiar with the working parts of 1.0 and will certainly be familiar with the income approach workings of 2.0. You can’t afford to miss this webinar because the only way to compete will be to add 2.0 to your valuation tools!
2.0: The New Breakthrough in Fractional Interest Valuation
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