Zero goodwill in veterinary practice absent noncompete agreement

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July 17, 2001
0742 Veterinary Services for Animal Specialties
541940 Veterinary Services
marital dissolution/divorce
fair market value (FMV), marital dissolution, noncompete agreement, tangible assets

In re the Marriage of Moser
633 N.W.2d 277, 2001 Wisc. App. LEXIS 742
State Court
Court of Appeals
Michael Scrivner, CPA, CVA (for wife); William Wenger (for husband)
Opinion per curiam


In this marital dissolution case, the wife appealed the valuation of her husband's veterinary practice, claiming that the trial court incorrectly valued the goodwill of the practice at zero.

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In re the Marriage of Moser

At issue is the valuation of husband's veterinary practice.