Management Projections and Cost of Capital Considered

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June 4, 2004
4813 Telephone Communications, Except Radiotelephone
517911 Telecommunications Resellers
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In re Emerging Communications, Inc. Shareholders Litigation
2004 Del. Ch. LEXIS 70
State Court
Court of Chancery
Bruce L. Silverstein, Catherine G. Dearlove, David C. McBride, Douglas E. McCann, James A. Whitney, Jonathan R. Donnellan, Kelly C. Ashby, Kevin C. Logue, Leonard P. Stark, Norman M. Monhait, P. Kevin Castel, Paul J. Ruskin, Raymond J. DiCamillo, Rosemar


The Delaware Court of Chancery considered the use of management projections and the use of WACC and CAPM in computing the cost of capital.

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In re Emerging Communications, Inc. Shareholders Litigation

The court in this case placed a fair value of $38.05 per share on the stock of a company which was acquired in a two-step going private transaction at $10.25 per share based on a fairness opinion.