Incomplete Appellate Record Foils Court’s Ability to Review Appraisal

Business Valuation UpdateVol. 10 No. 3
Legal and Court Case Update
March 2004
judicial dissolution

Anjoorian v. Kilberg
Supreme Court No. 2001-356-Appeal. (PB 94-1125)
December 4, 2003
State Court
Rhode Island
Supreme Court
Girard Visconti
Per curiam


The issue in this corporate dissolution was the fair value of a 50% interest in Fairway Capital Corp.

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Anjoorian v. Kilberg

The defendant, Arnold Kilberg (Kilberg), appeals from a Superior Court judgment wherein the plaintiff’s, Paul V. Anjoorian’s (Anjoorian), shares of stock in Fairway Capital Corporation (Fairway) were valued at $809,382.85. This case came before the Sup ...