In Buyout, Court Extols Expert’s Valuation and Legal Acumen

Business Valuation UpdateVol. 20 No. 8
Legal and Court Case Update
August 2014
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judicial dissolution
buyout, capitalization of earnings, capitalization of income approach, discount for lack of marketability (DLOM), minority discount, pratt's stats (PS), dissolution, merged and acquired company method

Matter of Adelstein v. Finest Food Distributing Co. (I)
2011 N.Y. LEXIS 5956
November 3, 2011
State Court
New York
Supreme Court
Paul Marquez (petitioner); Brian Serotta (company/respondent)


Appeals court affirms trial court’s valuation of oppressed shareholder’s minority interest in family business based on credentialed appraiser’s “clear, thorough, professional, and reliable” opinion and knowledge of New York valuation-related law.

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Matter of Adelstein v. Finest Food Distributing Co. (I)

In oppressed shareholder stock valuation proceeding, trial court credits testimony of credentialed appraiser, lauding his methodical approach, use of various methods to cross-check values, and understanding of legal principles related to valuation.