Estate Tax Value Must Be Valued at Moment of Death

Business Valuation UpdateVol. 2 No. 6
Legal and Court Case Update
June 1996
2711 Newspapers: Publishing, or Publishing and Printing
511110 Newspaper Publishers
estate and gift taxation
valuation date

McClatchy v. Commissioner
106 T.C. 206, 106 T.C. No. 9, 1996 U.S. Tax Ct. LEXIS 9
April 3, 1996
Federal Court
United States Tax Court


The sole issue in this case was whether a discount for restricted stock was appropriate when the restrictions that applied to the public stock during the decedent's lifetime became inapplicable by reason of the decedent's death.

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McClatchy v. Commissioner

At issue is whether certain securities law restrictions that applied to shares of stock of McClatchy Newspapers, Inc. owned by decedent during his lifetime, but which became inapplicable by reason of decedent's death.