Court Find DLOM Unwarranted in Banks' Suit to Determine Dissenting Shareholders' Stock Value

Business Valuation UpdateVol. 3 No. 5
Legal and Court Case Update
May 1997
6022 State Commercial Banks
522110 Commercial Banking
shareholder dissent/oppression

Security State Bank v. Ziegeldorf
554 N.W. 2d 884, 1996 Iowa Sup. LEXIS 430
October 23, 1996
State Court
Supreme Court
Thomas Mecredy (for plaintiffs) <br>Dennis Bixenman and Paul Stave (for defendants)


Upon shareholder approval, two banks—Security State Bank, of Hartley, Iowa, and Security State Bank, of Lake Park, Iowa—brought actions to determine fair value of dissenting stockholders' shares.

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Security State Bank v. Ziegeldorf

At issue is the valuation of the shares held by the dissenting shareholders, appellees.