RERI Holdings I, LLC v. Comm’r

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August 11, 2014
6519 Lessors of Real Property, NEC
531190 Lessors of Other Real Estate Property
federal taxation
charitable contribution, appraisal, fair market value (FMV), real estate, standard of value, investment value, gift, hold-and-sell requirement, section 7520

RERI Holdings I, LLC v. Comm’r
2014 U.S. Tax Ct. LEXIS 34
Federal Court
United States Tax Court
Howard C. Gelbtuch (taxpayer/respondent) Unknown (IRS/petitioner)


Tax Court denies IRS’s summary judgment motion to disallow claimed charitable deduction arguing taxpayer’s appraiser improperly valued donated interest in LLC using present-value Section 7520 tables and failed to submit “qualified appraisal.”
RERI Holdings I, LLC v. Comm’r
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