Gagliano v. Brennan (I)

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August 1, 2001
6712 Offices of Bank Holding Companies
551111 Offices of Bank Holding Companies
shareholder dissent/oppression

Gagliano v. Brennan (I)
344 N.J. Super. 83, 780 A.2d 553, 2001 N.J. Super. LEXIS 331
State Court
New Jersey
Court of Appeals
Donald Musso (for plaintiffs)<br>David Budd (for plaintiffs)<br>David Clarke (for plaintiffs)|Robert Walters (for defendants)|Christopher Hargrove (court-appointed)


At issue are the rights of a shareholder who voted against the plan, but then cashed in his or her shares for the price offered by the corporation to subsequently challenge the method of evaluation.

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Plaintiff minority dissenting shareholders appealed, and defendant corporation cross-appealed, the trial court valuation of corporate stock.