Why should BV experts care about court cases?

BVWireIssue #250-2
July 19, 2023

case law analysis
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That was a question posed during a preconference session at NACVA’s Super Conference last week. Cases set a precedent in the jurisdiction you are working in, pointed out Steve Brunner (VG Valuation Group), who conducted the session, BV Case Law Update. In other sessions at the conference, veteran valuation experts stressed the importance of knowing your jurisdiction and how the courts typically handle valuation issues—and they tailor their reports and testimony accordingly. Brunner also mentioned that he uses cases as a marketing tool—he may send a case, or he may do an article on a case and send it to attorneys.

Every week, BVWire alerts you to valuation-related court cases that are added to the BVLaw platform, which includes full opinions and case analyses covering about 4,300 cases, and about 70 are added each year.

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