Where can you access nearly 1,700 BV court decisions?

BVWireIssue #54-2
March 14, 2007

What if an appraiser wants to review both incarnations of the In re Nellson Neutraceutical case, as well as cases raising Daubert challenges in bankruptcy-related valuations? 

There’s only one source to turn to: A quick search at BVLaw™ turns up over 100 cases on Daubert generally; when narrowed to bankruptcy, the search reveals 16 on-point decisions, including recent cases that may be just what you (and your attorney contacts and referrals) are looking for.

The database of nearly 1,700 federal and state court valuation-specific cases is updated every month, and is fully searchable by date, type of case (shareholder oppression, estate and gift tax, marital dissolution, etc.), judge and jurisdiction, expert, and SIC codes.  For example, for appraisal cases related to professional practices, a BVLaw search by SIC code uncovers:

  • SIC Code 8011 (offices and clinics and medical doctors)—125 cases;
  • SIC Code 8111 (Legal Services)—72 cases;
  • SIC Code 8021 (offices and clinics of dentists)—53 cases, and more.

For more information on this unique resource, check out BVLaw at BVLibrary.com.

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