What will kill a business appraiser’s credibility?

BVWireIssue #51-2
December 13, 2006

It’s not necessarily poor data or insufficient valuation analysis and support; it’s the appearance of a conflict of interest, says Vice Chancellor Donald F. Parsons, one of five currently presiding in the Delaware Chancery Court—and one of the biggest draws at the AICPA conference. “If you’re too cozy with the side you’re testifying for, we’re going to be skeptical,” he said, citing examples of the BV expert whose wife was an attorney on a case; or another who’d done consulting work for the company at issue.

And what are the Vice Chancellor's “Top Ten” best appraisal practices in front of the Delaware Chancery—which one AICPA attendee likened to the BV equivalent of the U.S. Supreme Court? His list appears in the forthcoming January issue of the BVU; click here for your free copy of the "Top Ten."

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