Vet practice valuation—connecting the chains of value

BVWireIssue #84-1
September 2, 2009

While veterinarians and other animal healthcare specialists have diversified greatly to meet the expansive variety found amongst their patients (and the needs of their caretakers—for emergency services, pet insurance and specialty products, and consolidated care), appraisers charged with finding the appropriate value of these expanding practices have yet to find such a degree of specialized data, methodology, and application. Indeed, making sense of the various veterinary practice types, their value- and business-drivers, and tricky issues such as distinguishing (and allocating) personal vs. professional goodwill values can pose difficult challenges to BV appraisers.

Earlier today, a triumvirate of veterinary valuation experts provided hands-on guidance to lead business appraisers through this varied and troublesome arena in “Veterinary Practice Valuation: Transactions and Transitions in Today’s Markets,” a 100-minute teleconference. Veterinary practice broker David Greene and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Byron Farquer joined Cindy Eddins Collier, co-editor of BVR’s Guide to Healthcare Valuation, to present and discuss all the ins, outs, and need-to-knows of veterinary practice valuation, including a vet practice market summary and “Adjustment Factor Worksheet,” prepared exclusively for conference attendees.

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