Updated research results in BVDirectory

BVWireIssue #70-2
July 9, 2008

The word research derives from the French word recherche, to search closely or ‘to investigate thoroughly.'  We are all familiar with conducting research to acquire more knowledge and to discover new methods. This is never more necessary than when it comes to the business valuation profession.  We are constantly looking for new sources of valuation-related information in order to stay up-to-date, learn about trends in an industry, or to get raw data. 

Unfortunately, conducting research is both time consuming and costly. A quick review of typical search engine results for niche topics shows us just how unfocused standard search engines can be.  In an effort to more quickly and accurately focus your search results, the BVDirectory was just recently updated and contains information on 245+ publishers and 700+ products specifically pertaining to the business valuation profession. Check only the BVDirectory at the BVLibrary search page and then enter your search terms—you’ll find indispensable valuation and industry sources—including contact information, pricing and more.

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