Two opportunities to earn CPE next week in BVR webinars:

BVWireIssue #105-2
June 8, 2011

BVR’s Online Symposium on Healthcare Valuation continues on June 14 with “Valuing Clinical Co-Management Agreements,” featuring Gregory Anderson (Horne LLP) and Ann Brandt (HealthCare Appraisers).  Focusing on a fast-growing arrangement in the American healthcare system, part 6 of our Symposium will discuss considerations such as operational characteristics of co-management agreements and methods of valuation, including income-, incentive-, and cost-based approaches.

Thursday, June 16 marks the return of BVR’s Industry Spotlight Series with “Valuing Alternative Investment Management Companies: Private Equity and Hedge Funds,” featuring Jay Fishman (Financial Research Associates) and Scott Nammacher (Empire Valuation Consultants). Though proliferating during good times, alternative investment vehicles are often stripped bare during down economic cycles, revealing flaws in strategy, management, and objective.  In their 100-minute webinar, Fishman and Nammacher will discuss the challenges inherent in valuing the companies that produce and manage these increasingly popular (and problematic) investment vehicles.

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