Two new resources from BVR

BVWireIssue #225-2
June 16, 2021

valuation methods & approaches
case law analysis, control premium, factset mergerstat, management projections, valuation methods

Just released! Two new timely publications from Business Valuation Resources:

  1. BVR Guide to Management Projections and BV—Analysis and Case Law.  “Valuation professionals utilize projections in a variety of settings, yet there are no ‘bright-line’ rules practitioners can lean on to validate their projections,” writes contributing editor Josh Shilts (Shilts CPA LLP) in this new BVR resource. The guide is a collection of articles from BVR’s cache of “greatest hits” written by some of the top thought leaders in the profession that discuss a variety of elements, issues, and techniques practitioners should consider when utilizing management projections. Plus, the guide includes close to 100 digests of court decisions that involve projections and forecasts (the full court opinions are also available to buyers of the guide).
  2. Control Premiums: A Deep Dive Into the New Data on Invested Capital Premiums (a BVR Briefing). The thinking about control premiums now includes analyzing such concepts as invested capital premiums and equity-based premiums, transaction synergies and strategic values, marketability, and levels of control. This briefing discusses important concepts about the proper quantification and application of acquisition premiums and control premiums, including the benefits of using market-based invested capital premiums rather than market-based equity premiums in certain situations.

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