Transfer Pricing Increasingly Concerns Authorities

BVWireIssue #69-2
June 18, 2008

Because multi-national companies can manipulate transfer prices on services or goods sold to another entity within the corporate family to reduce tax liability, the issue of transfer pricing is increasingly becoming a concern for fiscal authorities.  These manipulations have led to the rise of regulations and oversight, making transfer pricing a serious compliance issue for multi-national companies and the experts engaged to properly value the true cost of the transferred services or goods.  What works for valuation purposes doesn't necessarily work for transfer pricing, and vice versa.

To help valuation experts further their training in this area, BVR is conducting a teleconference with experts Mark Fidelman, VP of The Ballentine Barbera Group, a CRA International Company (moderator), Dr. Elena Khripounova, Southeast Director of Transfer Pricing at Grant Thornton LLP, John M. Breen of Caplin & Drysdale, Chartered (formerly with the Office of Chief Counsel at the IRS) and Perry Urken, VP of The Ballentine Barbera Group, a CRA International Company.  These experts have come together for an information-rich, 100 minute teleconference that will deliver a practical introduction to and overview of transfer pricing. 

Along with a detailed presentation of transfer pricing concepts, the regulatory context, and the most relevant analytical approaches employed for transfer pricing, the panel will outline areas of potential tension between valuation and transfer pricing.  Case studies of familiar valuation scenarios relating to intangibles, but from transfer pricing perspectives, will highlight their commonalities and differences.  As always, you’ll have the chance to interact directly with the experts.  The teleconference is tomorrow (Thursday, June 19) at 10am PT, 11am MT, 12 noon CT, and 1pm ET.  To register, click here.

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