Top 10 most popular BVU articles for 2015

BVWireIssue #159-2
December 9, 2015

Court case analyses, double dip, goodwill, and the size premium are a few of the topics that made the list of the most popular articles in Business Valuation Update for 2015. For those of you who are not BVU subscribers, the articles in the following list can be purchased individually at BVLibrary:

  • “Top 10 Noteworthy BV Cases of 2014” (January 2015);
  • “The Cost Approach May Be the Best for Construction Firms—Here’s Why” (March 2015);
  • “The Double Dip Concept Is Often a Misconception” (July 2015);
  • “Personal Goodwill and Noncompete Agreements: Folklore vs. Common Sense” (August 2015);
  • “S Corp Valuation, DLOM Rulings Highlight NYSSCPA BV Conference” (July 2015);
  • “Takeaways From Six Recent Business Valuation Cases” (January 2015);
  • “Valuation Concepts Have Undergone Massive Changes in Thinking” (October 2015);
  • “Different BV Standards Have More in Common Than You Might Think” (February 2015);
  • “Data About the Size Premium Challenge Conventional Wisdom” (February 2015); and
  • “Expert Shares His Approach for Determining Reasonable Compensation” (January 2015).
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