The bar to testify in court is rising

BVWireIssue #91-2
April 14, 2010

Linda Dakin-Grimm, the victorious attorney in the 2006 bankruptcy case In Nellson Nutraceutical and others, recently shared her insights on expert business valuation testimony with BVUpdate™. Dakin-Grimm, a partner with Milbank Tweed Hadley & McCloy, reminds appraisers:

  • As an expert you are hired to assist the judge or jury to understand something that's really complicated and specialized.
  • You can only testify as an expert if you use the generally accepted methodologies.
  • Before going to court as the expert you need to look at your expertise, describe it fairly and carefully, and don't overstate it. 
  • Do not leave the task of gathering all of the data and materials you need to the lawyer that hired you.

Look for the complete interview in the May issue of BVUpdate.

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