Ten reasons why brand valuation is important to business owners

BVWireIssue #106-3
July 27, 2011

“The corporate brand is probably the least understood asset in most companies, yet it can be one of the greatest tools to building corporate value,” says James Gregory (CoreBrand) in his article, “Ten Reasons Brand Valuation Matters for Boards.” Valuation practitioners can use his “Top 10” list to educate business owners on the potential value of their corporate brand(s), which can:

  • Legitimize investment
  • Provide an objective measure of effort
  • Create accountability
  • Align leadership
  • Identify growth opportunities
  • Predict market shifts
  • Identify competitive opportunity and advantage
  • Inform M&A or strategic alliances
  • Create licensing opportunities, and
  • Help define the value of other intangibles. 

Fine-tune your intangible value analysis:  On September 20th Mary Adams (I-Capital Advisors) will lead the BVR webinar “Analysis of the Intangible Drivers of Company Value.” In this 75-minute program, Adams will cover what every business valuation analyst needs to know in our increasingly knowledge-based economy.

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